Origin Story

Where delicious coffee meets the power to change lives.

When our Founder, Brad, began his journey into the coffee world, he was under the understanding that it took the grounds of 22 beans to produce a shot of espresso. Upon later discovery, it takes roughly 60 beans to produce one shot of espresso. Nevertheless, the name stuck and became synonymous with giving because shortly after the creation of the company, a local financial need arose.

He discovered that there was significant debt in his home church, and he felt called to leverage 22 Beans into a ministry opportunity. From that day to this, 22% of the net proceeds go directly to charity. That’s right. No strings or fine print involved. What’s more, the customers get to choose how the funds are distributed! By choosing an option from our list below, you truly can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

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However, all this would mean very little if we didn’t provide incredible coffee. That’s why we are dedicated to providing you with delicious, locally roasted, proprietary blended, 22 Beans Coffee.

So…wanna grab some coffee sometime?