Whether you like your coffee first thing, black, or as a sidekick to milk and sugar, we get it: nothing beats really good coffee. But what if you could enjoy good quality coffee and change lives for the better, all at the same time? You can.

Welcome to the 22 Beans Coffee Co.! We’d love to be a part of your story as you become a life-changing part of other people’s stories, all through coffee beans. Say what? Hang on.

The reason we’re called 22 Beans is because Brad, our founder, initially thought there was about 22 beans in a shot of espresso. Truth be told, there’s actually about 60 beans in a single shot, but we don’t hold that against Brad. The number “22” stuck nonetheless, so when Brad learned of significant debt in his home church, he felt called to found 22 Beans, and a pleasurable hobby merged with a passionate calling.

We’d love to improve the quality of your life as you help impact the lives of others. Check out our selections of roasts and share with us what causes, missions, and organizations you’re passionate about. Come be a part of the 22 Beans story!

Let’s buy some coffee!