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Signature Roast

Over the past few months we have offered as part of different fund raising events, what we are calling a Signature Roast.  We have had a blast over the past year with 22 Beans and though it might be not only fun to bring others in on the roast designs, but we just might be able to raise some funds for people we love.  

We were a part of two different fund raising events, one for our buddy Chad Warren, and the other for a great school in the area Grace Academy.  We have about five or so Signature Roasts that we are working on and are close to completing the first two.  

The first roast will be an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, designed by our friends Erik and Amy.  We met and discussed the types of coffee that they liked and settled on the Yirgacheffe in a City roast.  

The next roast will be a blend of the above Yirgacheffe, but roasted to a darker Light French and blended with a Brazilian Bourbon City plus roast.  This roast was created with Jo and her husband Rick, that are fans of our Singing Sumatra.  During the cupping Jo chose this new blend over her usual favorite, Singing Sumatra