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Why Tom’s Napkin

Tom’s Napkin is dedicated to Tom Bates, Brad’s Dad. Tom would always take time to explain how things worked and illustrate those concepts by drawing on his coffee napkin. This blog will be used to share what is happening in the world of 22Beans.

3 thoughts on “Why Tom’s Napkin

  1. Love this! I still miss hanging out with your dad and Heidi in Germany!

    1. Thanks Nikki,
      It is bittersweet, I miss him and our conversations about stuff. On the bright side we found an airline here in Austin that has direct flights to Frankfurt twice a week. We have been able to see Heidi more in the past year or so than ever before. Thanks for your encouragement about the new venture, pretty excited to see where it all goes. I would to hear what my Dad would have to say about it all.

  2. Love the Tom’s napkin dedication! Your Dad was always generous with his knowledge 🙂 Amazing coffee, Brad, keep up the great work, and thank you for the sample of Joey’s Brazilian– it’s very delicious. These deceptively light beans brew up a nice, dark, smooth cup of Joe! Please let me know when it goes live so I can order more. Looking forward to trying the Singing Sumatra and Shepherd’s Roast tomorrow.

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